Founded in September 2013, NANOARC stands on the primary vision of being a nanoscience-oriented organization with an ecotechnological (ecotech) perspective. Our motto is Serving to Preserve - To foster the creation of advanced technologies, without depleting the integrity of ecological systems.

NANOARC uses simple materials, to make complex nanosystems, that solve complex problems, in a simple way.

We tackle nanotechnology at the cutting-edge, through the design and manufacture quantum-grade (sub 20 nanometre sized particles), atomically-architectured nanomaterials, that serve as additives to enhance your existing products seamlessly, at marginal cost. We develop a broad range of quantum material systems, focusing on enhancing their performance so as to deliver significant results in low doses while simultaneously seeking to replace toxic materials currently used in certain technologies. With the flexibility we employ in quantum-confined nanomaterial design and manufacture, we provide nanotechnological and consultancy solutions in various industrial sectors. 

With our consultancy services, we help you engage nanotechnology with a clear perspective, so that you understand, what is essential for the achievement of competitive progress. 

Contact us to discuss your specific needs or request a customized creative process for your designated research or technology. With the amenities provided by modern technology and globalisation, we are flexible and able to deliver our services worldwide.